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If you die you can just click run and the Game will continue. You can fix this if you restart the Game in the code when the HP is equal to zero or just change the if(HP == 0) where you check if the HP is equal to zero and replace it with if(HP <= 0). I don't know if it will work, but you can try using my suggestion.
I just see a white Screen.
Also a nice work, i could spend houers looking at the mouse.
I think it is too easy, you should make the Balls speed increase per time. But all in all it's a nice game, good job.


I like it, especially the end Animation of the green square.
Thats cool, I would like you to make an game out of that.
It is a nice Game, but it isn't good that you must Reset and run it again after every won or Death.
Can you interact with something or can you just look what is happening?