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Greenfoot back

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@danpost, will you please ban me? I just want to see how it looks like when you ban someone
@RcCookie, thanks for the suggestion!
May be you should rename it to Irregular shape collision demo. I remember when I was searching for a demo to see how perfect collision works and now here it is
And thanks a lot to both of you for reporting my mistakes!
@danpsot & @RcCookie, I hope now it doesn't contain any mistake. I have updated it and now you both can play the quiz n number of time since you got some answers wrong due to my mistakes. Especially RcCoookie deserves more than 28, since he played it when you can't give answers to some questions even if you want to(it was just a mistake by my side)
May be you should change the controls. The combination for rotation and moving is quite weird. For me the W and S should be for moving and A and D should be for rotation
I think it's a problem in conversion of java into javascript (in web) Can u tell me that the above problem is also occuring in app? Currently I have deleted greenfoot so i can't check on app
@mik, now the source code is available
@Gabe1098, indeed yes and ignore the above message....