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Greenfoot back

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for removing the background do this-- background eraser in your mobile any image from google 3. open background eraser then tap load images 4. choose the photo you want and remove its background 5.go to your gallery 6.note this is important" tap the photo 3 to 4 times which you have edited" *i dont know you will believe me or not after taping it 3 to 4 times it works otherwise it doesnt 7.transfer the image after tapping it 3 to 4 times to your computer 8. imort the image from greenfoot
you downloaded transparent images but it is having black background around it.You can play my game Dawn of war 2 (mobile & PC).from their you can know that i can remove the background images (its a proof).
i know you are having trouble with background images of your actor
i liked your plz try my game and like it