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The Snake doesnt work, I can eat the apple which shows me how much I eat, I can go to the Green border, not every Picture is transparent and I got now 5 Snakes but only 1 head
oh, its just a tipp. For more time to read, it is very fast
Hey, ich komme aus Deutschland
The Text by the old men must be longer
Wow, thank you very much XD
Of Cause. I dont wanna publish this. Its for me :) But how to make this Transition?
I mean the transition between the Townworld and the PokemonWorld. If I know this I wanna make some more Level into your Pokemon. I will delete a tree below and there should be a new world like a Winter World with other Pokemon. But for me the Transition is very difficult
What did you input to make the transition between two worlds?


Can you give me the code?