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Game is super fun! A little hard to control but not an altogether unpleasant experience. I tried it with the touchpad and it's not as easy to control without a mouse. One suggestion I can make is to increase the speed of the Rust, they're not too difficult to avoid but if you get a hang of the game early on it becomes less exciting. Another idea is to make the Rust enemies spawn more frequently, because I was waiting a full minute for Rust to come out of the doors.
This is a very fun game! Controls are easy to learn and after a few tries I can win the game no problem several times in a row! Aesthetically I like it, although I have to suggest that you edits the images of the cops and robbers to be PNG's without the white backgrounds. As for gameplay I would suggest upping the robbers speed little by little whenever you grab a money bag, just to increase the learning curve.