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Simple and Neat. Fix the range that the spikes have and itd be much better. 8/8, m8.
Ignore my previous dialogue. This game has some sloppy image editing. Its a funny design, but it feels like there is no losing. Add some more content, like a giga shrek boss battle, m8y
Funny stuff, weak action. Add more of something because its as fun as sitting through a lecture.
There's alot going on, and the paragraph feels kind of jumbled. Funny game over all.
Very Creative, its an over all good idea and has good sounds. Just make the mouth a tad slower in animation. 8/8, m8
Gr8 game. good sounds and spectacular images, but you should note that you lose points if you dont catch some rocks.
Stop! You have violated the Law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit. Fun game, but this music is copy written. Very funny.
Good Game, made my knees weak. There is a good hit box system, and it plays smoothly. Why is there a black box behind Time? It looks awkward.