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the only one thing that I would change about this game is how fast the speed of this game goes. It would allow people to spend more time on the game to give people an even better experience
I suggest to just make the vegetables smaller because they are pretty big and take up a large amount of space in the world.
Great game with some pretty cool pictures! Great concept, really a joy to play maybe make the gasoline just a bit bigger!
This game is extremely fun to play and is funny. Great creativity was shown and included many cool effects!


Neat game that has a good concept but could be expanded further to make game even better!! May want to crop the images otherwise cool game!


A great game that had much thought put into it. The money exploding is a cool affect in the game!
Amazing game, really enjoyed being able to beat the Cowboys! Maybe would be best to make Wentz a little faster!!!
Great game clearly lots of time and effort dedicated to the game! Maybe make the plane just fly a little bit faster and possibly if you can, if the helicopter gets too close to the water the helicopter crashes
Very funny, only problem is Christie does disappear when attempting to go for people under the wave. Glad you caught that problem! Great game