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Who said I'm not chilled? I was just unable to tell if what you said had something to do with me.


Are you conversing with me? It seems you are just stating a fact that has nothing to do with the current/previous topic (which by itself is almost eight months old).
Is there anything to do besides for moving left, right, and resetting the level?
I didn't know it wasn't working before, but now I see that your image is "Not Found" and by me it says "Not Logged In" even though I am.
I don't see any STATS SCREEN. I begin playing and then I get out, and my score is largely displayed (I am logged in).
The height doesn't get adjusted by pressing the car moves. (up/down or /left/right) You should implement scoring into the game.
When I want to connect two existing nodes a new one is created. When I click on the first of the two a node appears under my mouse, but I don't want to create a new connected node, I want to connect two existing nodes. Is there supposed to be two lines connecting all the nodes?
I was at a level with 7 buttons, I had to go to each button twice to remove the door and once I did I wasn't able to go down the corridor. I went past the place that the door was and bumped into the bottom of the applet frame.
The HTML5 version doesn't let you control the person.