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By the Scores each user has a gray box next to their score, probably supposed to be the user image. But it's not.


Even after I won the smiley face button still changed faces according to my clicks.
For some reason the mouse operations (my Timer buttons) in the program work even when the scenario is paused. You just can't see the results until "Run" is clicked. But nothing actually happens besides for the mouse click recognition, no code is executed yet. If I press my "Stop" then "Pause" (underneath the window), then my "Start" and then wait a few seconds before clicking "Run", it doesn't skip the time that I waited, it continues from where it left off, which is good. But it's not supposed to continue counting at all until I click "Start" (after having clicked "Stop"). It even works with the reset button. Pressing "Pause" my "Reset" then "Run" puts the timer back to zero.
I just got a ClassNotFoundException. (I forgot what to do in such cases.) Maybe it's because my Java is out of date. Here's what came up in the window which popped up when I clicked on "Details": Java Plug-in x86 Using JRE version 1.8.0_121-b13 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
Oh. I never heard of these "'gram"s only polygons.
By 'C' by the answer it says "octagram" instead of "octagon".
Is it even better than the Pengu game at the following URL?
According to the instructions there can never be a high score (if it's only saved at the end of the game), if "The game ends when your score goes back to zero.".
The top block in each column is the first to move so I can shoot and destroy blocks that aren't the lowest in the column. (It's possible there is nothing wrong with that, I've never seen the original of this game.)