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Fixed - thanks.
Hi danpost, How are you drawing the colored shapes? I can indeed see that they look different between the HTML5 and applet versions. It might be something we can fix.
Hopefully the text will work now (well, once this scenario is re-translated with the new translation processor, which should be soon).
I believe the key control issue should now be fixed.


Ah right - I was just removing the old javascript translation, which must have updated the scenario's "last modified" time. Sorry about that!


The HTML5 version of this scenario runs quite well, and the UserInfo support (high scores) is now mostly working too :)
"Well, I used 'getWorld().getObjects()', because getIntersectingObjects() also iterates over all Objects in the World-class, checks whether they intersect and then returns the list. So there's no affect to the running-time" - this is not correct. The collision checking in Greenfoot is sophisticated and maintains a dynamic space partition tree to make intersection checks very fast.
Your upload didn't work, because your "project.greenfoot" has been renamed at some point to "Project.greenfoot". If you re-name it back, and then upload again, it should be fine.


> My fanbase shall rise again from the ashes like a fenix Good luck with that.