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100% 15 second I'm a gamer ! =) MrIncredible
Lives : 2 Time : 110 Score: 107 Change that... If you lose some life it goes on and not starts again. And you cann add more levels its going to be cool ! MrIncredible
Can you please publish the source code of all scenarios in this collection ? Ather people can learn much from it! They are awesome : Why not publish the source code ? I hope you follow my instructions. MrIncredible
it's crazy. every time I look to the black point its away ! lol :-D MrIncredible
Wave : 42 Health: 17 $M: 12 $$AM: 101 :-D A really cool game. Please publish the source code ! Thanks MrIncredible
MIK !!! Please look at my Thread in the Forum ! MrIncredible
O my god ! This game is awesome ! Very cool ! I like it ! It looks pretty nice. CoolGame ( Do you want more Praise ? :-D ) MrIncredible
thats really lol !!! Life: 330 ( with cheat ) Score: 500 I stopped myself ! Tip: change that you can click a cheat-key only three times (for example). Otheways the game has no end ( if you find the cheats ;-) ). MrIncredible