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Fast is meant to be used only for a few seconds or so to give you a quick population boost. I forgot I made this game lol. 6 years flew past.
Its not a glitch You have to right click to deselect the thing you have bought.


Thanks Em, I will see you soon :) Just a small update. No real changes to gameplay, just refactored some code and added more comments to make it easier for people on the forums writing expansion packs.


Another huge update. The missiles and water are now guided, so you can choose where to drop them. I have reduced the max population to 1000 as 3000 seems to slow a lot of people down. There is also new tooltips that appear to display the prices of things as people couldnt remember what each one costs :P More updates to come so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone on various threads for their ideas and bug testing :)
Cool. I have made a race track and they are going around in circles :) Very nicely implemented.
Hehe, it must be late. My reflexes are distincly average :P Good game.
I have never seen this concepty before. Very interesting.


Cool game. You could do a lot with this.
Very cool concept. It really confuses the fingers :)