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Whoa. It's been years but still the high score saving isn't working ...
(I can only play this when logged out)
Nvm. It works now, I guess I just need to restart the Chrome. But heck, the same old error still happens: "Attempting to reconnect to storage server". I wonder how I can fix this?
I have it enabled now but still not working.
Now I can't even play my game at all. What happen?
Hello, lordhersey, thanks for the help. I will try to fix when I have times. Well. Why the loading error still exists, I thought someone would fix this issue.
Game ny bagus, tp file musik nya banyak banget plus gede2. Mungkin bisa dikompres trlb dhl.
This is very nice! Like+
Never expected someone to reach lv 99 before tbh. Well yeah, people said I shouldn't be worried about memory leak. So what things are leaked in greenfoot? List?