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This is so good :D I got on the score board and now I'm addicted...
@Rishav_Agarwal Apologies for the late reply but I figured it would be easier to simply upload the source code when it was ready, I also apologize for it being rather messy in places to anyone who looks at it, you know what they say, Organized madness and all.
I'm sorry but @SPower seriously get a grip you're really trying to start some religious debate over a game with a title to represent a rather, dare I say, "Hellish" scenario. If you are going to be this petty and not actually bother to write some constructive criticism or praise about the actual game then go and take your argument elsewhere, preferably where someone actually cares, this is not the place for stupid religious debates that you alone are trying to push.
Dat boss... It gets me every time!