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lol haha I see.
@Walther Rude much? He's still a person learning how to use Greenfoot. I don't think you can do much better than that.
Great Scenario, wish you would translate the words into English too though. But overall, great mechanics, great controls and loving the visuals. :D
Thanks bourne. :)
Finally, I would like to upload it so that I can get comments on how I can further modify it and at the same time also extend my knowledge of Java programming. If you want to, you can request to see the modified scenario.
Pretty cool.
What's to play?
I will give credit to you in anyway possible. Also, I have chosen to edit your scenario due to being a first-time Greenfoot user.
Permission to upload modified version of game--- Dear bourne, My name is Ryan and I study at Chinese International School. May I please request permission for uploading a modified version of your "Forgotten Road" scenario onto the Greenfoot Gallery? I will fully credit you in the description section and in the game as well, since I fully know the rights that you possess over it. This will be my first edited scenario in the experimentation with Java coding and syntax programming. Many thanks, From Ryan