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nice1, your version of intersection/setloc control is a tad easier to read than mine, thanks for the tip :D Here's my nightmare btw, /** * different locations gives different conditions, if the characters feet are inside the top half of a block(groundobject) **/ public void checkFall() { int vy = getWorld().getHeight()-2; if(getY() > vy) { death(); } Actor ground1 = getOneObjectAtOffset(-xGround, yGround, Ground.class); Actor ground2 = getOneObjectAtOffset(xGround, yGround, Ground.class); if( ground1 != null) { vSpeed = 0; if((getY()+getImage().getHeight()/2 > ground1.getY()-xGround) || (getY() > ground1.getY()+getImage().getHeight()/2 && onLadder())) { setLocation(getX(), ground1.getY()-ground1.getImage().getHeight()/2-getImage().getHeight()/2); } onGround = true; } else if( ground2 != null) { vSpeed = 0; if(getY()+getImage().getHeight()/2 > ground2.getY()-xGround || (getY() > ground1.getY()+getImage().getHeight()/2 && onLadder())) { setLocation(getX(), ground2.getY()-ground2.getImage().getHeight()/2-getImage().getHeight()/2); } onGround = true; }
Well, that kind of saved me a lot of time, thanks buddy :)
use two intersecting conditions! also, you can (solution i came up with last week) that if megaman.getY()+megaman.getHeight/2 < than block.getY() && megaman.getY()+megaman.getHeight()/2 > block.getY()-10 then setLoc to getX(), getY()-block.getHeight()/2.. to lazy to write the whole sentence, basicly means if his feed or inside the upper part of the block, he's automaticly placed on the block , looks alot neater, check my platform game, the pitfall clone, the source code for that is in the barry class =)
well done :)
failed by using objects, should had just drawn the rectangles directly in the world class :D But thanks =)