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Greenfoot back

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ShoutToUs presents ...


Platforming Beta

A revision on my old platforming game.

*Now allows for single, controlled jumps instead of charged ones.
*New levels on the way. (they are already in the scenario, but not yet available)
*Pause menu, game timer, and rebindable keys also incoming.

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Tags: game physics demo platforming hthcv

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use two intersecting conditions! also, you can (solution i came up with last week) that if megaman.getY()+megaman.getHeight/2 < than block.getY() && megaman.getY()+megaman.getHeight()/2 > block.getY()-10 then setLoc to getX(), getY()-block.getHeight()/2.. to lazy to write the whole sentence, basicly means if his feed or inside the upper part of the block, he's automaticly placed on the block , looks alot neater, check my platform game, the pitfall clone, the source code for that is in the barry class =)




@vladdes Alright, thanks. I'll look into it.

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