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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I have spent so long trying to emulate this functionality. This really does save my life :)
Ah. If I die before the point where the Shooters start the music doesn't restart. But after that checkpoint the music does restart upon death. The source code of this is immense! Very sophisticated indeed. I hope it doesn't take an extra 3000 lines of code to add more levels :P I never played the original game but it would be nice to have some sort of health system so that enemies aren't one hit death. Still amazing game. :)
Grrr always level 22!!! Pretty awesome tower defence game though. I like the original idea
Looking pretty awesome :D Would be nice if when you start at the beginning of the level the music starts again.
The sounds were my voice a pair of scissors and some tissues (for the combing sound). For the music I just googled free jazz MIDI's. I'll probably have some original music for it once it's closer to being finished.
Thanks. I did the graphics my self, and the sounds are all from the Greenfoot sound recorder. There is some code to prevent spawnkilling tractors, but it doesn't work very well :(
3060! woop woop. Really nice scenario, nice graphics