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What do you mean?
And now all that needs to be added are the item strings and the list array?
Or unity, I'm starting to get the hang of that one.
Lol, yeah; the good old club tradition. At least we got this much done, you willing to do another colab over winter? I got a nice base set up.
Duuuuude...when are you going to continue this?
@stephen Thank you for the advice, I used a couple if statements and eventually figured out how to do it correctly. Now you can pick up and drop one weapon.
Thank you for your response, here is scenario I am working on Currently, to pickup and hold a weapon, you need to hold "g". I am trying to fix that to be something like yours in which when you press "g" the Player picks it up and holds it.
Add in mouse input and make the maps a little larger, it would help out game play a lot. I loved the weapons switching for I am also working on something similar, any advice?
@KalleLarsson I think I get what you mean, but, I don't think that is what I want this world to do...The player should not be stuck in scrolling while static, that would just make life horrible for the player...well, that is depending on the game-play....hopefully that is what you meant, otherwise, my apologies; I simply can not understand what you mean.