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Too many bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mjrb4, read the description.
Change the colors so that you can tell things apart.
If I were you, I'd make everything muh larger. I can barely tell what anything is! Plus, you have so much empty space, that it wouldn't cramp anything. It's fun, though!
I don't get it. How do you play?
OK, I found out I'm free on Thurs. night. I can do updates then.
I'm not the creator or anything, but you know you can change the speed.
Congrats! You've beaten version 1 of cool game! Version 2 is coming soon!
Hey people! I'm really glad you like my game! Remember that there's also Awesome Archer, which is a little different. I also have a game called little-crab-one and one called cool game. Make sure to try all of them!