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really dope
Using your code helped to understand something. Unbelievably thank you extremely much.
For how long have u been programming because u r really good. i'm pretty much done with a game but for some reasons in the app version of my game ,i'm unable to see any messages. plz help, i'm wondering wether or not you could help me with that.


man you should make your own pool game
i remember playing this type of game. nicely made man you should add High scores but can you tell me how you display the final message on the screen ?
man try to ameliorate the man's movements by using this for a beginning public void checkKeys() //method that assignes movements to the turtle is either the left or right key is pressed. { if ( Greenfoot.isKeyDown("left")) // Turtle turns -5 degrees if the left arrow of the keyboard is pressed. { turn(-5); } if( Greenfoot.isKeyDown("right")) // Turtle turns 5 degrees if the right arrow of the keyboard is pressed. { turn(5); } } then later you will use something that requires you to use Rotation.