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Alternatively, you could just play the game on the website itself, rather than steal it and risk being kicked off Greenfoot. The first way makes a lot more sense. But, each to their own I guess.
To be honest bourne, I can't quite see the difference between what we're saying about the open source. But still, lets just agree that Shaparacha should stop copying other peoples scenarios. As Alexsandr Orlov, the meerkat from the compare the market adverts would say, "Simples *Squeaking noise*" .
Seriously Shaparacha, stop this. The reason people post the source code for their scenarios is so other users can use them for bits of tricky code, not so other users can completely rip them off. Just stop now. Make your own scenarios. Please.
I thought :-) was a smiley face. :3 makes it look like some kind of animal
what does this :3 mean?
It's actually quite good for a game with only 3 levels. One thing, the collision detection is quite bad.
I do not see the run and reset button in Chinese Game/maniac. It seems to be only you.
I see no black dots. I see brown dots.