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Level 1 and all of the new ones. I like it though. It's awesome
THIS IS SOOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ Matthemagician No, no, no I mean to make it so that you could like have a 3D enemy in the world.
Now figue out how to make something move in the wirld and make the world BIGGER AND BETTER. BTW, add jumps
3p1c!! K33p 1t up
REALLY COOL!!!! But, there is an error in it. If you try to do a full 360 turn it doesn't work. As soon as the trees vanish on the right they come back on the left.
BTW, I'm using Chrome, and the game works fine. I'm not sure what version I'm using though, but I do know it's the newest one.
This is really cool! I can see that this probably took a lot of work. By the way, I was wondering how do you make it so the clouds vanish when they touch the edge then come back on the other side (on level 2).