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Something_Smart's Scenarios

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play Mines - Logic Puzzle
plays 1976 / votes 0

Mines - Logic Puzzle

by Something_Smart, 2015/1/17

A logic puzzle similar to Sudoku.

play Chain Reaction Upgrades Game
plays 1496 / votes 0

Chain Reaction Upgrades Game

by Something_Smart, 2013/11/7

My first upgrades game.

play 2048
plays 4377 / votes 3


by Something_Smart, 2014/3/22

The popular game 2048.

play Bricks Breaking
plays 1210 / votes 0

Bricks Breaking

by Something_Smart, 2013/11/14

The popular game.

play Bubble Chase
plays 1079 / votes 0

Bubble Chase

by Something_Smart, 2013/10/10

Simple little survival game.

play Conway's Game of Life
plays 2632 / votes 4

Conway's Game of Life

by Something_Smart, 2013/10/2

The popular cellular automaton game!

play Maze/adventure game!
plays 1446 / votes 0

Maze/adventure game!

by Something_Smart, 2013/5/15

Control the character, get to the goal!

play Word Processor
plays 1509 / votes 1

Word Processor

by Something_Smart, 2013/9/25

Rudimentary Word Processor

play Stick Figure Platform Demo
plays 3690 / votes 3

Stick Figure Platform Demo

by Something_Smart, 2013/6/5

A quick platform demo.

play Crush and Conquer v1.3
plays 1491 / votes 0

Crush and Conquer v1.3

by Something_Smart, 2013/9/22

Train soldiers, maneuver units and defeat your opponent!