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Mines - Logic Puzzle

The goal of the game is to locate all the mines (black squares) and safe squares (circles). There is exactly one mine in every row and one in every column. Every single square not orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to a mine is a safe square. The numbers on the margins give hints as to the relative positions of the safe squares and the mines-- numbers mean strings of safe squares and asterisks represent the mines. For instance, 4 * 3 1 means that somewhere in that column or row, in that order, there are 4 circles in a row, then a mine, then 3 circles in a row, then one isolated circle. When you are correct, the game will stop. Markings do not affect the solution. I cannot gurantee that there is always a unique solution, but in my experience there usually is.
Left click on a square to alternate blank, circle, mine.
Right click on a square to place a marking.
Press "q", "w", and "e" to change between three colors of markings.
Press "c" to clear all markings of a color.

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Tags: game logic

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