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Greenfoot back

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you can jump over obstacles
lol kind of too fast
You might also wanna fix the way he shoots hadoken, When he turns left it comes from above him and when he turns right it comes from his hands.
Sweet job :3
When the red balll comes in collision the game stops intstead of killing the rocket. Try the null method to remove
I'ma just leave a note on this for you. When the red car goes into a crash from the side of the blue car the red car dies ( only when the blue car is not moving and you collide the red car into the side) and the same goes for the rocket.
@kageryu dude your sponge bob game is shit don't critic this game when its the same as yours
Your patty is way too slow
You should really not populate those sheilds. You need to make it to where you can kill them with the null method. and try to make the pic .png and get rid of the white in the back. also set more movement like foot to your enzio.