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SkyLark presents ...


Street Fighter

classic remake of Street fighter one player game with multi levels and soon to make a boss level after beating three stages.
space=special move
arrowkeys to move
Im stuck need help working out bugs and taking suggestions on how to add other characters

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Tags: game with-source

open in greenfoot
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need help Stuck any suggestions


Andre, it's Rene! If you have Juwan's cell, text him that I need the To Kill A Mockingbird quotes from chapter 16 -21 for Western Lit! He will know what I'm talking about.
Hmm, ok. First problem is the infinite air time. I suggest using a boolean value to check if the character has jumped (or int value or multiple values for multiple jumps). The walk animation seems to be nonexistent. You may wish to use the frames and framechange values. I have done some work involving that with some of my games, you might find that helpful (all while I work on the new one)
You also might want to enumerate the specific problems (e.g. walking animations not showing), preferably on the discussion. Maybe that will help you.


You might also wanna fix the way he shoots hadoken, When he turns left it comes from above him and when he turns right it comes from his hands.

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