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How do you move in stage 4?
What is the "Dictionary" pane on the right for? Anyway, nice effects, I like the way the ball leaves a clean trail and the paddle bounces when the ball hits it.
I really like the particle effects!


Very nice, especially the effects when knocking down balls. The only problem is that it often seems to freeze and use 100% CPU, and you can't play any more. By the way, the ball graphics are from a popular Linux game called Frozen Bubble. Does this mean you are also Linux user?
How do you play it?
I use Linux and it appears fine for me. Maybe OpenJDK (default in most Linux distros) uses a different font that Sun Java. Before, when I used OpenJDK, Greenfoot Gallery scenarios were very slow, and fonts were wrong and didn't fit into things.
You might like to watch the "Platform games: running, falling and jumping" video tutorial here:


It does nothing for me! It says "Use HELP button for instructions", but there is no help button!