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Okay it is only when there is one block between you and another open space. :)
Hmm. At least it did the first time I played it. It doesn't seem to this time. I'd still look into it.
I've found a glitch. Although you can't move through walls/crates while pressing one direction, if you hold down one and then press and hold another, you can move through things.
If you speed it up to JUST above the 4th bar on the speed-o-meter, it looks really cool. :)
The jumping is WAY too fast. And so far I have yet to see what firing yo-yos/snowballs/etc. does? Nothing seems to die.
But can you help me with coding the Archer to add the arrows himself please? :) Right now the arrows have lot's of variables: public Arrowleft(int b, int l, int s, int t, int y){ left=l; speed=s; beginning=b; turn=t; starty=y; } So I have to do all this to add one: addObject(new Arrowleft(580,150,6,0,185),580,185); How can I make the archer control all that?
I tried that just now using the same counter method I used for the Figure firing, but for some reason the Archer shot, then shot again, then shot again a bit sooner until it eventually became a constant stream. :\
Yeah, MTK. I can't think of a way to fix this. The arrow is a class called Arrowleft and the archer is a class called Archer1. Can you think of anything?
But what is the hitFloor and hitHead code?