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Level 8 is definitely possible. I can do it every try. Players need a challenge. :)
Level 8 is possible. The game is supposed to get difficult, so level 8 and now level 9 which I just added are DIFFICULT!!
Haha, maybe. Oh well.
Okay, I'll give that a try, but I've made a pretty good fix for it now. If you jump up into the block or other parts of your body other than your feet or just above your feet touch it, you should now fall down. :)
That doesn't work though, it says that: getOneObjectAtOffset must be (int,int,Block.class), which is how I have it. It doesn't compile if I have exactly what you told me (with name changes). =\
Thank you so much, MTK, for all the help you gave me. I finally got it working and am now simply working on adding levels. :) Enjoy!