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Scenarios tagged: worm

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play Respect My Crab 2: Dirty Crabby
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Respect My Crab 2: Dirty Crabby

by DougOliver, 2010/11/3

The follow up to Respect My Crab!, Respect My Crab 2 is an even faster paced frenzy to eat the loud Worms and outrace the brash Lobsters.

play Little Crab
plays 2340 / votes 0

Little Crab

by Willip, 2010/10/31

A pretty standard crab game - steer the crab.

play little-crab-5
plays 5233 / votes 0


by thewargrok, 2010/9/27

Jordan Remy's Crab Bonanza

play Game : little crab
plays 2272 / votes 0

Game : little crab

by Sadik, 2010/9/24

Try to eat 50 worms. I could only get 49

play Predator and Prey
plays 3808 / votes 0

Predator and Prey

by GershiBelshi, 2010/5/8

Run away from the lobsters while eating the worms.

play Uncle Worm
plays 5030 / votes 2

Uncle Worm

by SilverWings59, 2010/4/19

Eat, Grow, and Win.

play BeachArena
plays 5794 / votes 2


by brezel, 2009/10/29

Classical lobster-crab-worm game