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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play hedgehog in the forest with Wise Mystical Trees
plays 250 / votes 0

hedgehog in the forest with Wise Mystical Trees

by Noobopanda, 2022/11/15

hedgehog in the forest with Wise Mystical Trees

play Conway game of life
plays 99 / votes 0

Conway game of life

by EdgarSkliarov, 2022/11/9

Conway game of life simulation

play Guitar Hero
plays 569 / votes 0

Guitar Hero

by moltenmaster, 2022/10/30

Play various songs in this music-themed rhythm game.

play luxurious piano
plays 336 / votes 0

luxurious piano

by yedefei, 2022/10/25

play Demo Lancher
plays 169 / votes 0

Demo Lancher

by dream-awesome, 2022/10/22

play ¡Vive Abeja!
plays 231 / votes 0

¡Vive Abeja!

by alexein, 2022/10/22

Un juego supervivencia estilo snake.

play Maze Solver 10x10
plays 125 / votes 0

Maze Solver 10x10

by TelaTela, 2022/10/16

A program for solving a 10x10 maze

plays 150 / votes 0


by Felix_18, 2022/10/15


play Aim to points
plays 164 / votes 0

Aim to points

by dream-awesome, 2022/10/15

use code to control the aim sight and destroy all targets