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Scenarios tagged: roguelike

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play Sketchy Mechanic
plays 367 / votes 1

Sketchy Mechanic

by SaltyBacon, 2023/5/3

Can you save the sheet of paper with your sketchy turrets?

play Brave Tower
plays 628 / votes 0

Brave Tower

by YisterDaniel, 2021/5/1

play CodeWorld
plays 1102 / votes 3


by Stefisd, 2021/2/20

semi rogue-like game

play The Quest Of Sir Galahad
plays 1074 / votes 1

The Quest Of Sir Galahad

by SwagGrandma, 2020/12/15

Roguelike Dungeon

play Roguelike PIPO
plays 2117 / votes 3

Roguelike PIPO

by Crpepeyo, 2018/5/18

A Roguelike game

play Ithilial - A Roguelike
plays 3613 / votes 3

Ithilial - A Roguelike

by Kytuzian, 2014/2/11

A classic roguelike game, with permadeath and procedurally generated levels.