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Scenarios tagged: projectile

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play The naval ship 1v1
plays 892 / votes 2

The naval ship 1v1

by V1N0S4UR3, 2022/1/17

Fight 1v1 against your opponent!

play Flight Trajectories Demo
plays 4846 / votes 6

Flight Trajectories Demo

by danpost, 2012/11/4

Two way movement for a projectile in motion.

play Jungle Warrior II
plays 724 / votes 0

Jungle Warrior II

by VasikleLupas, 2022/3/24

Enter the jungle, fight the monsters, the goblins, the animals, discover the hidden treasure, and save yourself!

play Dungeon Man
plays 2744 / votes 1

Dungeon Man

by tuogex, 2013/1/9

Dungeon Man! Fighter of the Cave Man!

play shark&turtle
plays 1659 / votes 0


by CS_EE, 2016/4/19

This is a shooting game between shark and turtles.

play sharks and turtles
plays 1591 / votes 0

sharks and turtles

by throughthewire, 2016/4/19

help the shark get the turtles

play Trajectory game
plays 1313 / votes 0

Trajectory game

by 19wangdd, 2017/5/22

Trajectory game with physics