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Scenarios tagged: poo

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play ZeroProject
plays 1235 / votes 1


by Elliot_Gómez_UASLP, 2020/5/25

ZeroProject adventure.

play Ejercicio_POO01
plays 1181 / votes 0


by rayhsvr, 2020/5/23

Ejemplo básico de POO

play Run and Catch
plays 2783 / votes 0

Run and Catch

by oscarvelarde, 2015/11/26

Proyecto para la materia programación orientada a objetos

play ElementWorld
plays 2372 / votes 0


by leo.hervert, 2015/12/7

Juego de Programacion Orientada a Objetos

play Zombie Apocalypse
plays 2427 / votes 0

Zombie Apocalypse

by Arturogp17, 2015/7/1

Elimina a Todos los Zombies antes de que entren a tu casa.

play Proyecto: Videoclub
plays 1654 / votes 0

Proyecto: Videoclub

by larz_rhcp, 2014/12/5

Proyecto para POO

play Caveman
plays 1951 / votes 0


by Manuel_Nava, 2014/5/21

Kill the enemys to save your girl

play ZombieRampage
plays 2653 / votes 1


by AndresTovar, 2012/12/3

Sobrevive a los zombies

play BirdPoo Game
plays 3735 / votes 1

BirdPoo Game

by tmnguyen84, 2011/8/8

poo on cars