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Scenarios tagged: music

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play Bubble Piano
plays 1569 / votes 0

Bubble Piano

by akbarr, 2012/11/26

As you play the piano a random oval appear, and move randomly

play Crazy piano
plays 1912 / votes 1

Crazy piano

by bqm11, 2012/10/18

Piano With Random Graphics

play 我的鋼琴My Piano
plays 2447 / votes 0

我的鋼琴My Piano

by imacat, 2012/8/5

Piano in Chapter 5

play Mouse Follower
plays 9372 / votes 5

Mouse Follower

by SirFoxie, 2011/3/10

Actor steered by the mouse

play the easter bunny
plays 3722 / votes 4

the easter bunny

by tylers, 2012/3/30

eat as many easter eggs as you can

play Painting art
plays 2619 / votes 1

Painting art

by Toothy10, 2012/4/2

paint folllows mouse

play Ode To Joy, The Exploding Intro
plays 2746 / votes 2

Ode To Joy, The Exploding Intro

by Sneaky4296, 2012/3/29

Play ode to joy, see confetti

play WadesPiano
plays 1945 / votes 1


by wahast5527, 2012/3/21


play CS12GP Piano
plays 2620 / votes 1

CS12GP Piano

by matt.milan, 2012/3/21

Piano with Visualizer