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Scenarios tagged: laser

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play Asteroid Run II
plays 1137 / votes 0

Asteroid Run II

by scsamoo, 2021/3/30

Avoid asteroids and shoot lasers!

play Laser Demo
plays 3585 / votes 3

Laser Demo

by danpost, 2017/1/27

A lazer gun with reflectors (first one rotating)

play aTurkeysThanksgiving
plays 1429 / votes 0


by GreenfootMaster, 2017/11/27

Hunter shooting turkeys.

play GreatSpaceGame
plays 1725 / votes 0


by ronburgundy, 2016/5/23

defeat the Alien ships

play Laser Spelled With A "Z"
plays 1654 / votes 0

Laser Spelled With A "Z"

by p1carr18, 2016/5/10

Good Game = Good (nice prank)

play MyGame
plays 1528 / votes 0


by KSG.eNragye, 2015/7/31


play Enemy Trouble
plays 2016 / votes 0

Enemy Trouble

by OsSi3, 2014/10/31

Killing an enemy wil spawn 2 others

play LaserDoge
plays 1820 / votes 0


by Fianchetto, 2014/10/25

Take your frustration out on the incoming heads of Bieber and Bush.

play Random Space Battles
plays 2854 / votes 1

Random Space Battles

by Kytuzian, 2013/12/13

A series of random space fights.