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Random Space Battles

This scenario simulates many random space battles between different spaceships from universes such as Star Wars and Stargate.

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Tags: laser

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Adding the sound was a terrible design choice. P.S.: There's no sound in space! (unless you're in a nebula or something)


Point taken, but technically if you were in a spaceship the size of most of the featured ships (or really anything that has air inside it), you would be able to hear the shots from your own ship being fired. And if the cannons ejected enough gases (or any), then one might hear something from that as well, although it would probably be a high-pitched pinging noise.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Dec 14 20:00:46 UTC 2013 Added more evasive movement for fighters. Fixed horrible sound issues. Added music. Improved laser collision detection.


:| lots of scenerials are like off center, is it just me or is it a problem with bigger scenerials


ps* great simulation, its so relaxing for some reason xD


Thanks! I don't really know what you mean by off center.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Oct 11 01:01:39 UTC 2014 Added a couple new ships. Changed sounds a bit. Made several ships smaller so they fit bette ron the screen. Balanced many ships.


This is really cool, how long did this project take you?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Oct 12 07:36:35 UTC 2014 Added two new ships: Galatica and accompanying Vipers. Major rebalancing for almost all ships.


I'm not really sure how long it took, as it wasn't an extremely short project, and it wasn't done all at once. Originally it was a modified version of the Asteroids project, but it's very much more than that now. In terms of development of the original, I would say perhaps a few weeks, although that was almost a year ago so I don't quite recall. I finished the framework a bit earlier, and adding ships is pretty easy now.

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