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Scenarios tagged: label

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play GreenGUI
plays 2140 / votes 1


by edparrish, 2017/11/26

Basic GUI for Greenfoot

play Text Centering (Label class)
plays 4232 / votes 0

Text Centering (Label class)

by Zamoht, 2013/7/15

A class for working with text centering.

play GUI Components
plays 15033 / votes 17

GUI Components

by bourne, 2013/3/1

Reusable GUI components. (TextBox, Menu, ListBox, Window, etc.)

play GrowingCrab
plays 3121 / votes 0


by indrawaspada, 2011/12/12

Growing Crab like to eat Lobster

play Waves
plays 6978 / votes 1


by jakob, 2011/3/29

Make cool looking, totally useless shapes out of waves.