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Scenarios tagged: images

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play Spawnlings
plays 7270 / votes 8


by ImFerocious, 2010/10/6

Collect as many Treats as you can...

play Waves
plays 6981 / votes 1


by jakob, 2011/3/29

Make cool looking, totally useless shapes out of waves.

play Lines
plays 4887 / votes 6


by sp33dy, 2012/1/21

Simply swirling and moving lines

play Image Saver
plays 3827 / votes 5

Image Saver

by Busch2207, 2013/10/10

Save a GreenfootImage in a file

play Green Frog Pro
plays 2589 / votes 1

Green Frog Pro

by Osidy, 2014/3/28

My version of the Green Frog game.

play Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)
plays 2805 / votes 0

Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)

by trimil, 2014/6/28

In this game you breed frogs to make new ones.