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Scenarios tagged: enemy

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play Western Jump Game
plays 1899 / votes 0

Western Jump Game

by Mathirsch, 2016/11/12

Jump Game, with levels

play pondGame
plays 1754 / votes 0


by Xman0220, 2016/5/2

Shoot the frogs at the lily pads!

play Jangan Bully Lagi
plays 1839 / votes 0

Jangan Bully Lagi

by rysmaaditya, 2014/12/7

Bantu Risha agar tidak dibully lagi

play Enemy Trouble
plays 1969 / votes 0

Enemy Trouble

by OsSi3, 2014/10/31

Killing an enemy wil spawn 2 others

play FLASH
plays 2076 / votes 0


by Tristan365, 2014/5/22

A cool scrolling game

play Tower Defence
plays 4269 / votes 6

Tower Defence

by FlicknFlack, 2013/11/22

Tower Defence

play Space Shooter
plays 7932 / votes 5

Space Shooter

by DuctTapeTardis, 2013/8/17

Blast Enemy Spaceships out of the sky!

play Light & Dark
plays 3515 / votes 4

Light & Dark

by TheMissingKey, 2013/5/14

Fun game