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Scenarios tagged: dslissabon

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play Mario x Luigi
plays 2762 / votes 4

Mario x Luigi

by Sarmous, 2018/4/30

2D Platformer Fighting game

play DSL Little Crab Sample
plays 1509 / votes 0

DSL Little Crab Sample

by owagner, 2015/5/12

Test for students

play DSL little crab Felipe
plays 2250 / votes 0

DSL little crab Felipe

by felipovski, 2015/5/12

My first game!

play DSL Kevin Versuch
plays 2147 / votes 2

DSL Kevin Versuch

by OVerdadeiroGaijo, 2015/5/12

Cool Game for Herr Wagner to enjoy!

play DSL Crab Game
plays 2660 / votes 2

DSL Crab Game

by alex_ba, 2015/5/12

Simple crab game, still in development

play Ein Spiel
plays 1375 / votes 0

Ein Spiel

by s_m13, 2015/5/19

Deutsche Schule Lissabon Informatik

play little crab game
plays 2209 / votes 0

little crab game

by zelico, 2015/5/19

not finished, VERY simple constructor

play catarinaWAR
plays 1568 / votes 1


by catarinaWAR, 2015/5/22

play SuperCrab World Miguel
plays 1551 / votes 0

SuperCrab World Miguel

by Miguel2344, 2015/5/28