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Scenarios tagged: codepoint-09-general

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play Mision
plays 3286 / votes 0


by hanlest, 2009/12/3

Salva tu planeta

play waste separation
plays 6413 / votes 3

waste separation

by dibo, 2009/11/12

separate the waste

play smog
plays 3054 / votes 0


by dibo, 2009/11/17

banish the smog

play bulbs
plays 3971 / votes 1


by dibo, 2009/10/28

Switch bulbs off to save energy

play SaveOurEarth
plays 3278 / votes 0


by tombud999, 2009/11/29

For Kids

play Clean this!
plays 3524 / votes 2

Clean this!

by tomaspham85, 2009/11/23

Help the bunny clean this place. -new stuff added

play MonsterHunter
plays 2609 / votes 0


by Tigrex, 2009/11/16

Kill the Lizzard