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Scenarios tagged: animals

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play SafariCatch
plays 1495 / votes 0


by morganknowles, 2017/11/7

Catch falling animals

play Galactic Zoo
plays 1298 / votes 0

Galactic Zoo

by Vimur, 2017/8/13

Simple shooter with animals

play Kalinda Demo
plays 2597 / votes 1

Kalinda Demo

by Ecurai-t'Rehu, 2013/12/15

Original demo for "Kalinda"

play Hunter vs Animals (Beta)
plays 2246 / votes 0

Hunter vs Animals (Beta)

by rezamhs, 2014/11/17

play Fish eating game
plays 6257 / votes 3

Fish eating game

by tomw, 2013/12/11

This is a game were you are the alligator and you eat fish

play Collect The Bones
plays 2417 / votes 0

Collect The Bones

by Kiara, 2013/12/25

Play as a dog and collect the bones out of the sky.

play Aquarium
plays 4507 / votes 1


by Dantuna, 2012/1/7

Eat small fish to get bigger!

play save the animals
plays 4478 / votes 5

save the animals

by dordor, 2011/1/18

there is instructions

play Running Tutle
plays 3211 / votes 0

Running Tutle

by GameMaker, 2010/11/30

The Turtle is moving sideways.