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Ecurai-t'Rehu presents ...


Kalinda Demo

In this game, you play as a thylacine mother named Kalinda who needs to retrieve her runaway pup without being killed by the local predators!

Control Kalinda with the arrow keys or wasd

Press and hold space bar to attack--your health goes down fast when you're under attack, so be careful!

Pick up the pup by walking over him. Bring him back to the (badly-drawn) nest to win!

Obviously unfinished and we do not discuss the death sprite okay?

"Back to the Eighties" composed/produced by Arif Banto provided by

EDIT 6/21/15: I wish I had backed up the files for this so I could finish it...

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Tags: game demo animals tiger thylacine tasmania tasmanian tigr devil quoll

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Look at this atrocity I made in 2013 Not that I can do much better now but still (I should probably finish it lol)

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