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[alpha] Earth Demo

First upload by Greenfoot3D

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Tags: simulation demo with-source greenfoot3d

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The class Actor3D and some other are missing, There are only Default and Earth. Where should I download Greenfoot3D?


like you see, it is currently in alpha-phase. but if you want to use it at the moment, you can download greenfoot 3d at It can replace your greenfoot.jar (Windows: C:\Program Files\Greenfoot\lib\extensions). Dont worry, it supports the normal Actors too, so you can run your existing greenfoot projects like before. Lizense and source code, see


very impressive. I wish I had begun learning programming earlier.
I get a bunch of errors with a couple scenarios, or it's super buggy when I replace greenfoot.jar with your Actor3D greenfoot.jar
Oh, I know what it is. It will replace the world's background to black for some reason... But it got super buggy and I got a ton of errors with one scenario I made. I had an actor with no image (so it would become replaced by a greenfoot) Could that be the error?
Actually, I found out that my worlds that I added a GreenfootImage as the background (using code and not an actual image file) that they have a black background instead of the coded background. Could you make a fix to this?
Also, with that one scenario I was talking about, their images were drawn with GreenfootImage code as well, instead of giving them an image file. That may be where I'm getting those errors.


Where can I find instructions on how to use greenfoot 3d


There was a discussion thread about it here:



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