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Ok, thanks for the help.
Is anything different to MathMagician's scenario?
MatheMagicans scenario is a greenfoot world in the size of your screen. Here you got a normal greenfoot world and a fullscreen panel. The difference is that a biger greenfoot world is only completely visible when you export the scenario. Here you got the greenfoot frame and another frame that is a real fullscreen frame with no decoration (no minimize, close buttons). The frame is on your whole screen. You can try this if you download this scenario and change one of yours to a fullscreen project or download my Greenfoot Full Screen Demo scenario where a simple fullscreen game is already included.
Awesome. I'll try it immediatly.
Unfortunatly It's currently not working on the webside. But I'm working on this problem.
If I make my world class a subclass of FullScreenWorld I get this error message, when I am compiling: Masterclass (my World) is not abstract and does not override abstract method run() in FullScreenWorld
Oh I forgot to say this: Change the name of your act method to run and everything will work perfectly (If I haven't forgoten something else).
For all actors too?
no only world subclasses.
And how do I have to use the other classes?
Because there is no fullscreen so far.
You don't realy have to use them. Only some methods from FullScreenWindow like FullScreenWindow.isKeyDown The other classes are needed for the fullscreenwindow but you don't need them. Like some classes from greenfoot that are not in the api. I just couldn't set them unvisible. But maybe someon can use some things of this classes. For a better example of how the fullscreen mode works you should have a look at my Greenfoot FullScreen Demo scenario. I now got it working also online.
It worked now, but it is laggy.
What do you mean by laggy? If the frame doesn't draw enough images in one second it may help to restart the scenario.
Ja das meinte ich. Neustart hat funktioniert. Eine Möglichkeit das ganze zu beenden wäre noch ganz gut z.B. mit escape. Sonst muss man immer die Windows-Taste nutzen und das Ganze manuell beenden.
Du kannst auch einfach mit Alt + Tab das offene Fenster wechseln. Aber stimmt schon eine Tastenkombi um den Frame zu schließen wäre schon ganz gut. Aber meistens ist dann das Problem das direkt ein neuer Frame sich öffnet. Warum weiß ich auch nicht. Aber ich werde mal sowas einfügen.
Ich hab Tiny Tank jetzt auch mal mit Vollbild gespielt. Allerdings hat man da nur 2 FPS (geschätzt) und die Steuerung wird sehr hakelig. Es ist so, als würde ich mit einem Computer von 2005 Battlefield 3 spielen wollen. Alles hakt und lädt sehr langsam. Beim Wechseln der Welten schließt sich das Vollbild und lädt wieder neu. Es ist also zurzeit noch besser kleinere Szenarios mit einer Welt zu verwenden, denn bei Skyway funktioniert's echt super!
An dem problem mit den 2 FPS kann ich glaube ich leider nichts ändern. Das liegt einfach daran das greenfoot nicht darauf ausgelegt ist so viel RAM zu benutzen. An dem problem mit den wechselnden welten kann ich vielleicht was machen. Danke für den Hinweis.
Bitte. Dann müssen wir Mik anschreiben, dass er das ins nächste Greenfootupdate implementieren soll :D . Vielleicht kann man da bei Windows auch in der Systemsteuerung irgendwo Greenfoot mehr RAM zuweisen. Ich gucke mal, kann aber nichts versprechen.
Ich glaube das geht nur wenn man in Greenfoot an sich eingreift. Das ist aber nicht die beste idee. Dannach ist das programm warscheinlich nicht mehr kompartibe. Und ich glaube das ist sogar illegal.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Aug 07 12:10:39 UTC 2013 Changed the rewriting code. Now a Greenfoot project is completly turned into a fullscreen project. You don't have to change anything in your scenario. You just need to compile.
Now the program does every change on it's own. You no longer have to change things like the subclassing the super call or the run method.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Aug 07 12:15:35 UTC 2013
The first Full Screen Game is online. Super Mario World is now available as fullscreen game.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Aug 07 13:44:16 UTC 2013 Little bugfixes.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Aug 07 18:20:46 UTC 2013 Improved exception handling.


I keep getting: cannot find symbol - method getExtendedKeyCodeForChar(char) and it highlights: return keyEvent.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.getExtendedKeyCodeForChar(keyName.charAt(0));
Well thats strange. This method is part of the java API. This method was included to the API with java 7 I think. If you are using an older version of java that probably cause problems. I'll try to use another method that was included in the previouse API's. Till I finish this you could try to update java. That may also work.


Ok Im now using the new greenfoot and I have got another problem... in my world class I have used the started method and stopped method, but that is already used in the full screen world, what do I do?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Aug 08 12:21:41 UTC 2013 Changed some new API methods. Now the fullscreen mode works for API 1.4.2 or higher.
The started and stopped methods are declared final in the FullScreenWorld. If you copy the code from this methods and set them to non-final (just delete the final modifyer) it should work. I think I also have to find a better way for this.


A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Aug 09 07:47:14 UTC 2013 Added popup buttons to hide and close the fullscreenwindow. Also deleted the final voids started and stoped.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Aug 09 15:56:45 UTC 2013 Bugfixes.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Jan 05 15:20:49 UTC 2014 Added a funktion to keep the resolution of the game so that the world image doesn't look distorted. Also fixed some bugs.


how do you start fullscreen
When you use the application to rewrite a scenario into a fullscreen scenario the fullscreen window starts automaticly. Maybe you have to click on the window in the taskbar to make it occour on your screen.


I have added this to my game and all the new classes appear on the side, but when i run the game there is no fullscreen and it plays as normal. What is the problem?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Aug 16 09:17:27 UTC 2014 Improved the file choosing system and changed some defaults.
Please download the new version and try again. Using the new defaults it should work.


Thank you for updating, it now works in Greenfoot. However if I try to play online it just shows a grey screen and is not full screen. Also when in full screen the resolution and frame rate seem to be much lower. Any ideas of how to solve this?


is there a way to close the fullscreen window with a method?




After running this my project now receives the error "MyWorld is not abstract and does not override abstract method run() in FullScreenWorld". What should I do?


Apparently, you need to add the following method into the MyWorld class:: public void run() { }


Thanks danpost. If it wouldn't be too difficult could you explain why?


@Cirion, it is required that a non-abstract subclass of an abstract class override any methods that have a semi-colon instead of brackets (see the 'run' method in the FullScreenWorld class). You can also go to the following link in the java tutorials:


What did it do to my scenario!!!? im using 3.0.4 and has auto compile and when I turned it, it added some classes and its not COMPILING!!!! PLEASE FIX :( <_> >_<


Is there any way to have the fullscreen not appear until I run the program? It is causing serious lag. Furthermore, why does my greenfoot project keep opening even after I close it?