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You're a pilot flying through the sky to your favorite place: Tampa Bay, Florida. As you fly through the air you unwittingly flew through a honey harvesting field destroying some of the bee's homes. Unfortunately, the bees are not very forgiving and they attack! To defend your not-so-well-built airplane you fire your missle's full of "BEE-GONE!" repellent, which you luckily recently equiped to your airplane. As you believe that you're making progress of subduing the bees, the Honey Harvesting owner see's what you're doing and doesn't like you killing subduing his bees. So the owner flies up to you with his own airplane and tries to take you down. When and if you take him down, he finds another airplane and comes back up until you come down.

Stay alive, and subdue the bee's and the honey farm owner.

Mouse: To aim
Space: To shoot
Up: W
Down: S
Left: A
Right: D

I included the code with notes and made it so it would be easy to change the health and speed of: you, the enemies, and your missles. Enjoy!
You can use any of my code or pictures (all a part of Greenfoot, photoshopped, or taken from the web) just please accredit me in the code. Thank you!
All pictures taken form outside sources accredited in the code.

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Tags: mouse game counter survival scoreboard over

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The bees don't die... The DoctorProfessor is out!

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