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Advanced Minesweeper (Normal 10*10 with 10mines)

Two breakthrough:
1. In this minesweeper, you are able to play a game where each of the block may have up to 3 bombs.
2. For a block, the blocks around which have been flagged correctly, if you middle click this block, the blocks surrounded it would be revealed.

Detailed User Instruction:
This is a game for sweeping bombs in the unknown blocks. In each block, there may be a few bombs inside or nothing. To
play the funny game, the players may either place several flags on the block or simply reveal it. And the final goal of
the player is to reveal all the empty blocks and place the exact number of flags on the blocks that have the same amount
of bombs.
Users may left-click on the blocks to reveal the blocks. And the block may show its emptiness or the total numbers of the
bombs near this block, or the bombs.
User may right-click on the blocks to place a flag or flags on the blocks. If the block has been flagged, but you want to
change the number of the flags on it, you may continue to right-click the block. The result of right-clicking is as follows.
no flag(right-click)->one flag(right click)->two flags(right-click)->three flags(right-click)->no flag. On the other hand,
the players may guess the number of the bombs inside a particular block on the basis of the number shown in the nearby
blocks. Additionally the number of the flags the user placed on the block would be supposed to be the number of the bombs
inside the block.
The player will win the game if and only if the users succeed in revealing all the empty blocks and placed the right number
of the flags on the blocks,. If the player reveal a block that has bomb inside, the player would lose in no time and the
game would come to an end. If the player succeed in revealing all the empty blocks but fail the get all number of flags
correct,the player will still fail the game, the player can still try their best to change the number of the flags until
they get all the numbers correct.

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I think there are a fiew bugs. Sometimes it says that there are 5 mines near to a field where ony one field isn't already clicked.


Thank you for playing. Do you still remember where is the block located?
Well this bug occours quite often. Nearly in every game.


a single block may contain more than one mines


Yes, which has been told in the introduction


@Gevater, you may have a try on the new version, in which I've fix a few bugs

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