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Image Transparency Adder/Trimmer

Use this program to change unwanted color outside actual image to transparent while removing excess edging from the image.

For those users of Greenfoot that do not have a graphics editor that handle transparency:

I have included an already created executable jar file that can be extracted from the download.

If you decide not to trust it, you can download, open in Greenfoot, check the codes and create a jar application yourself (make sure to restore all commented lines in the Pix class, first).
You may have to make some changes due to the version of greenfoot you are using (I use an older version).

This is a basic working scenario; but has restricted use on the site.

Outer transparent edges are automatically removed when the image is loaded.

Click on the color of the image you wish to make transparent; then click the 'Make transparent' button. All matching color pixels in the image will be turned transparent and all new excess edging will be removed from the image.

Loading and saving of image files can be done from and to anywhere in your file directory.

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open in greenfoot
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There is too much work to make the scenario work on Greenfoot Version 3.1.0.


@Yehuda, you do not have to open in greenfoot at all. Just download the GFAR file and extract the inner executable jar file (Transparencies.jar) from it. Then run that jar file directly.


I know I can do that, but the code is harder than it could/should be to change (with the Color class).


@Yehuda, do not complain about things that are unimportant. The jar file was included so that you did not have to deal with altering the codes. If you insist on messing with the codes, that is your choice -- deal with it. There is no need or reason to mention here how difficult it is for you to change. It is not productive in any way.


Does it sound like I'm complaining? (It doesn't "sound" and it probably does look like it.) You're saying that there is no change to be made to your code?(!) (I don't have any necessarily, but the code can still be changed.) I was dealing with the code because to open the .gfar file I clicked on it, which opened the scenario - with errors. So I just wanted to see if I can make there not be any errors (before I got to the .jar file), but it was too complicated to fix everything, especially if there is no purpose to do so which is my problem.
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